Thursday, October 8, 2009

Neurostimulation - Why Take a Screen Test? Dr Charles Buzzanell

When undergoing neurostimulation treatment for pain management, it's important to take a screening test. Why? Dr Charles Buzzanell of Blue Ridge Pain Management explains... Dr Buzzanell is an doctor based in Asheville, NC.

Why take a screening test?

The purpose of the screening test or stimulation trial is to determine the response to neurostimulation. If it reduces pain, a neurostimulator could be the right step for your pain management. The screening period lasts approximately three to ten days. There are many criteria that may be considered in understanding your response to the screening test, including:

  • Pain control: Does the neurostimulation screening test provide relief? If so, what percent of pain relief?
  • Activity: Does the neurostimulation screening test improve your ability to participate in the normal activities of daily life? If so, to what degree?
  • Sleep: Were you able to sleep better during the screening period?
  • Medication reduction: Were you able to reduce the need for pain medications during the screening test?

A successful screening test generally results in meaningful pain reduction and improvement in your function.

Learn more from Dr Charles Buzzanell about what's involved in a neurotimulation screening test.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dr. Charles Buzzanell Pain Management

My name is Dr. Charles Buzzanell and I am a pain management doctor in Asheville NC. My practice is called Blue Ridge Pain Management and we specialize in treating acute and chronic pain. We treat each patients condition uniquely using both medicinal and non-medicinal forms of treatment. Please visit our website for more information about myself and my practice.